I finished University in Granata with a degree in Geology in 1979. One year before that, I had my first glimpses of the world of Malacology.
For several years I alternated teaching with the wonderful world of molluscs. Very soon, I began to contribute articles to "La Conchiglia" mainly about the ecology and biology of several interesting species from the Alborán Sea (Mediterranean), such as
Schilderia achatidea , Calliostoma gubbiolii or Philippia mediterranea.
I have also worked on the genus Patella in the Alborán sea, publishing articles in "La Conchiglia" (1982) and "Iberus" (vol. 4 - 1984).
Over the years, I have deepened my knowledge of the malacofauna of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), publishing in "Malakos" on the island's
Cymatium and Bursa.
At present, I am deeply involved, together with Angel Luque of Madrid's Autonoma University, and Marco Oliverio of Rome's
I University, with several interesting finds from Tenerife, which will soon be published.
Finally, together with José Luis Vera, we are preparing several articles on Turridae of the Philippines.
In 1983, I organized, with other malacologists the 1st Malacological Exhibition, in Spain.
I am member of the 
Sociedad Española de Malacología since 1983.
In 1990, with Alfonso Abad, Rafael Muñiz and other enthusiasts, we founded the 
Asociación Malacológica Andaluza (Andalusian malacological association) (Malakos).
This Association organized the 
2nd Malacological Exhibition in Málaga, in 1992.
I have been keen on underwater
activities since I was a child.
I began scuba diving on my own in
1980. In 1994, I organized in Tenerife
with my brother Rodolfo and others
Teno-Sub, a diving Club.
Starting in 1987, I began to participate in
International Shell shows and Exhibitions
across Europe.
Maintly, I offer shells from the Alborán sea
or the Canaries.
Since 1989, I travel about three
times a year to the Philippines
with the aim of obtaining shells,
both by diving and by bying.
Ricardo Vega Luz
C/ Golf de El Candado, 49
    29018 Malaga- Spain
TEL: 34-95-2291735
FAX: 34-95-2225489